11 Things You Need To Know About Lead Generation in 2018 – On Demand Clients

I’m going to share with you the 11 things you must know about lead generation.  I want to ensure that you are successful if you’re marketing online.

So the first thing is you must realize that every single idea is a good idea.

The entire idea of online marketing is being able to test test test test and being able to analyze that information and utilize it for your unfair advantage there’s no right or wrong thing when it comes to online marketing.

There’s no wrong or right idea or concept, and a lot of the time the things that you don’t think work will work and the things you think will work alone… it’s based upon your market, your demographic, who you’re really talking to, your message, your audience, so many different things. So, never discount something and also always remember that online marketing is a series of failures that bring you to success.

So, inside of lead generation, there are buckets and awareness levels.

Now when it comes to the awareness levels you may be familiar with my SSF method it’s about the Sidewalk Slowing Fast lanes, sidewalk is somebody that doesn’t understand the pain or problem, the slow lane someone that doesn’t understand the process or methodology, and the fast lane somebody that doesn’t understand the solution and the beauty is you have the ability to inform them and allow you and your company to magnetize them towards your solution enabling you to actually impact and transform their life relationship or business further than that.

we also have buckets, for example there are people that have never used online marketing and people that have used it, not successfully and those that are looking for the edge that’s for inside of my business and inside of yours you also have 3 or 4 buckets of people based upon these buckets and awareness levels your messaging and the way that you actually target them, which content and what content you share with them will change, so when you’re marketing always be thinking about which bucket someone is in and which awareness level they are within as well .

If you’re not relevant you are annoying

See the thing is with so many signals and so much out there, when it comes to your customers or actually your potential customers, if you’re not relevant you’re not specific about exactly how you help exactly how you bring them from their pain to their vision and filling that gap your ability to be in front of them and have them paying attention is going to be really difficult, so it’s about being omnipresent to the bright people and filtering out the wrong so that you’re not annoying and so that you’re always relevant inside of your marketing.

Funnel hacking

Copying someone else isn’t always going to get you success. Thing is you don’t know their business model you don’t know their situation you don’t even know if they’re actually making money, so it’s best to be able to design experiences that allow someone to come from being a stranger to being an actual lead and allowing that lead to becoming a customer and finally a raving fan so originality inside of your marketing is what really makes the most sense.

You can get inspiration from other people, but it’s up to you to create marketing and marketing experience to allow someone to become your customer.

We always hear in business, location location location

Well, when it comes online marketing it is targeting targeting targeting but not just your Facebook advertising targeting, I’m talking about your advertising copy the way that your sales pages look the way that your copy performs inside of your email marketing.

Every single piece of your copy of every single piece of content that you have online is targeting the right perfect customers and clients for you and if you’re not thinking about this, if you’re not consistent in the way that you show up online with the content that you have, your ability to attract your perfect ideal dream customers and clients so that you can help transform their life will be that much harder.

When it comes to Facebook Ads

What most people don’t know is that your targeting is in your ad copy.

If you’re not getting one to five or return-on-investment at a minimum you’re not going to be profitable enough.

Think about this for a minute, it costs a lot of money to actually run a business if it’s going to cost you a dollar to get two dollars, people look at that as being good but for me I don’t really believe in that, I believe that we need to get at least 5x for every dollar we’re putting in.

Ideally $10 for every dollar we’re putting it traditional advertising cost should only about 10% of your actual revenue, yet we’re all online here spending way too much money on lead acquisition all because everyone is so concentrated on just lead generation and just getting that return on investment right away.

If you’re not doing this your ability to have a sustainable business that’s profiting you, it’s difficult to expect more from yourself and expect more from your online marketing.

If you’re not utilizing a waterfall effect inside of your lead generation, then your ability to generate profit is going to be difficult inside of the SSF method.

If you don’t know what that is watch the above youtube video, we have Sean Walker slow learners and fast learners, and it’s very important that not only are we relevant to those people but we’re nurturing those people.

See as people come into your marketing funnel that is in the side and walk the slow in the fast lane they’re automatically going to go from one lane to the next as you inform them.

When you allow somebody to understand what relevant pain is in their life they go to you then wondering what the solution is or rather what the process and methodology is, which is, of course, the slow lane then once they know that you’re the authority, you’re the person they should be looking up to.

You’ll be able to help them with that relevant pain they transfer to the fast lane, so this means the leads that you’re generating today are going to be able to actually generate you significant revenue a week from now, two weeks from now, six months from now, two years from now allowing you to have a return on investment as an asset instead of just simply a cost.

That means when you turn the Facebook Ads off, the lead cost goes down and your ability to profit goes up.

It’s about playing the long-term game

If you’re expecting to get your return on investment right away, well you know what you may get a little bit of an ROI at the beginning, and it’s only about being able to break-even at the beginning or at least that’s my philosophy.

I believe that our biggest return on investment comes from being able to play the long game inside of our business by being able to nurture relationships and allowing our potential customers to come to us hunting us down and asking what’s it going to take for the ability to work with you, and that’s a situation I want to be in because in order for us to create significant transformation in the lives of our clients and our customers it takes commitment and it takes commitment from them not just financially but emotionally and when we have the ability to transform someone and have their true trust from being able to observe and see us and be able to consume our content we have the greatest ability to get paid what we’re worth as well as create the largest amount of transformation in their life.

Want to be a big fish

Well, number nine is about being a big fish in a small pond.

See, it’s out of your online marketing you don’t have the money to be able to be the big fish in your entire niche, but you do have the ability to be top of mind and omnipresent to those people that are leads of yours.

See inside of your audience is about being top of mind being always in front of them sharing your content sharing your value and ensuring that they remember your name.

It’s about being the coca-cola of your niche, about playing the game that companies and brands have played since there’s been advertising on planet earth and the beautiful thing is it costs so little that any entrepreneur including you can do it by allowing yourself to be the big fish in the tiny small pond.

Number 10 is about…

pattern interrupting and getting someone’s attention

See attention is the new currency if you capture attention to push it towards a relevant signal you’ve already got someone’s wallet.

We live in an age where we are starved of our attention, we are starved of our ability to be present in moments and if you’re able to take your leads and ensure that they spend their present time thinking about you, if you have their attention your ability to help them and get them to buy, the ability to get them to take out their credit card and trust you hmm it won’t take much after that will it?

People always say that content is king well if the content is king distribution is the queen and we all know who runs the castle

See, inside of so many entrepreneurs they try to create more content, more content put it on more and more platforms really the idea here, and the concept that’s going to allow you to be successful is about ensuring that your content is distributed to the right people.

It’s not just about creating more value it’s about distributing the value you have in an effective and efficient way.

So that’s the 11 things you need to know about lead generation right now as an entrepreneur.

If you cannot create intimate one-on-one relationships in a won them anyway by utilizing automated lead generation and ditching the referrals in the networking.

If you want to be able to play on a bigger level because deep down you know you’re not playing big enough then it’s time to go from being the best-kept secret to being the biggest name.

It’s not about the ego, it’s about realizing that you’re an expert in what you do and that you need to be able to impact more people than you are today not just because you want the abundance and freedom in your life but because you know that you have a transformation that someone out there needs, they just don’t know it yet!

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