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How to Get More Leads And More Patients/Customers

How do you get FB advertising to work so well with your local market? Easy, you give them what they want! Creating a super crazy discount/jaw dropping offer, you're likely to get a bunch of new patients. Most people don't buy just one thing, think of the long term potential and you'll stand to make thousands of dollars years and years to come from just advertising on Facebook. Facebook gives anyone the opportunity to target your ideal customers and almost any brick and mortar business can benefit from advertising on FB.  You don't have to struggle any longer with trying to figure out FB advertising, funnels, email marketing, pixels, re-targeting and everything else that goes along with creating awesome ads that convert! 

Alicia Thibadeau is a FB Ads specialist who is very passionate about helping businesses grow. She knows how to get your ideal customers in front of your jaw dropping offers that will turn into a big ROI for your business.  Here's a BONUS, if you book a call with me I'll run your FB ads for FREE for 2 weeks (all you pay for is the small ad spend).