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How To Make a BlogĀ For Beginners

If you don’t have a blog yet, then you’re really missing out!

You can literally blog about anything that you’re passionate about.

As for me, I’ve always been passionate about Internet Marketing, plus I have a lot of skills in that market.

I am however, passionate about Fitness, The Law of Attraction, my dog, sports and many other things…

What you need to do is figure out what niche you’d like to talk about and just start blogging!

You don’t have to have just one blog, you can have numerous different blogs about different niches if you wanted to.

Now, you may be wondering, “What’s a niche?” Your ‘niche’ could be Fitness or Internet Marketing or maybe you want a food blog.

Those are all different categories also known as a niche. All niches have sub niches, which gets more specific.

Let’s say you’d like to start a fitness blog but only talk about how people over 50 can lose weight or diet plans for people over 50. Now you’re getting very specific and only targeting a specific audience.

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You don’t have to get niche specific if you don’t want to, there really is no rule to how you want to blog and what you’d like to add on your blog.

Be yourself, write blog posts on a regular schedule and make it fun for all and you’ll do just fine!

So, now you have an idea about what you’d like to blog about yes?

What you want to do now is buy a domain name.

You domain name is your URL that people will type into the search to find your website.

Mine is

You want it to be easy to remember and make sure it goes a long with what your blog will be about.

You will NOT be able to change this later.

I buy all of my domains from

Now, you really want to get a .com extension. Anything else and it’s not even worth it. If you can’t think of a blog name right now you could always go with your first and last

So, head on over to and let’s see if your domain name is available by putting it into the search bar. You may have to do this quite a couple times until you have one that says available.


Once you have found an available .com domain that you want, go ahead and add it to your cart. It’s going to be about $10.69 dollars per year for this 1 domain which is a bargain.

Here’s a tip for you….Never buy a domain name from your web hosting provider. You always want to be the one to own your own domain. So, use Namecheap for all of your domains and you’ll be fine.

Next, click on ‘view cart’ to pay for your domain name. You’ll end up on the last page where you can auto renew your payment every year or add on more years. I say, just leave everything as is.

Go ahead and pay via paypal or debit/credit card. Make sure you save your login details after payment and that’s it! You now have a domain name. For more information about PayPal, you can check this out.

Next up, I will show you how to set up your blog and connect your domain name to your blog hosting provider to get everything connected.

I want to hook you up immensely with the web hosting I’m using right now.

They are fast, super reliable, very cheap for the value they deliver and have great customer service if you ever need help.

I haven’t had any problems with them thus far and I can guarantee that you will love them just as much.

So, here’s the deal. When you purchase through my link, they’ll give you your first month of hosting for only 1 cent!

Click here to get the best web hosting online for only $.01 cent the first month!

I recommend getting the 2nd option on the page which is the standard web hosting, and you get unlimited everything pretty much.

Another great thing about this web hosting, is at the time of writing this, they give you free credit when you give them an honest review. This credit can be used on your next billing, so you’d basically get 2 months free. You will find that at the very bottom of your account once you’re a member.


So, yes it’s only $5 per month, and the best thing aboutĀ this hosting is that you can pay month to month via PayPal if you want.

There are no year long contracts that you need to sign up to. Most other hosting providers require you to pay for a full years worth of hosting. So definitely try them out and see for yourself.


Put in your website domain that you just bought from namecheap, put in a password you can remember, don’t forget to put in your coupon so you get the first month for $0.1 cent!

Congrats, you now have hosting! Now we’ll get on with connecting things together and creating your blog!

You will get emails from them and you can login to your account. First thing you want to do when logged in is to click on the tab on the top where your domain name is, it will turn into a drop down and then click on your domain name again to get to your domains dashboard.

Here you will see the Default DNS Servers, you will need those two names to copy and paste into namecheap. So let’s do that now!

Go to your dashboard on namecheap and find your domain name, you want to click on ‘manage.’


Go down until you see ‘nameservers’ and make sure the drop down menu is on ‘custom dns’ you will then grab your DNS server names from your web hosting and put one name on one line, so you’ll have 2 lines.


and click the check mark that shows up to save it.


Now, keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for your website to be online, sometimes not all the time.

Now let’s go ahead and install the WordPress script on your website.

WordPress is what most people use to blog online.

On your dashboard you will see ‘Login To cPanel’ go ahead and click that.


Scroll on down to ‘Scripts’ Click on WordPress.

Go ahead and click on ‘Install now’ and you will be good to go.

You can do a lot of things inside of WordPress like pick a free theme if you want or you can purchase any theme online that looks good to you.

To find a theme for your blog, go to ‘Appearance’ in your WordPress dashboard, then click on ‘themes.’

You may pick and choose which theme you’d like to install.

Well, I hope you all liked my guide on how to make a blog.

This was more of a beginner tutorial on how to make a blog and get it online.

I publish a bunch of courses and some of them will help you with blog traffic, it’s only $0.99 cents for the first 3 months then $10 dollars a month after that. You really can’t lose at that price!

If you have any further questions or found this tutorial useful then please leave a comment below!