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How To Make Money Online With Skillshare Review

So, what is Skillshare?

Simply speaking…

It involves uploading videos teaching others how to do something!

This ranges from how to teach other to provide services, to selling their own products on the Internet to advertising and marketing other peoples products or services online where you get paid a commission on everything you sell. If you have an itching to teach something, you can be a teacher and earn huge passive income month after month.

When more people find out how easy it is to make money on Skillshare then they will realize that it is the perfect way to make money online from home, either as a full time or spare time business.


Using Skillshare For Business

So, how do you make money with Skillshare? Easy! Record yourself doing something like graphic design or photoshop manipulation or maybe you can teach someone how to do joint ventures or how to be a better salesperson. Whatever you’d like to teach, then you can do it! Just upload small sized videos of up to 1 – 5 mins long, your whole course needs to be at least 10 mins long. So, if you have a lot to teach then you could make 20-30 classes a month on Skillshare!

How Much Can I Make On Skillshare?

Skillshare divides up the total earnings per month and it depends on how many premium members you have enrolled in your classes. Premium members will have a yellow star next to their name. You can get a premium upgade through my link for only 0.99 cents for the first 3 months! Don’t worry you can cancel easily before your 3 months are up or continue to stay a member. You’ll get access to thousands of premium courses to learn more skills. Now, you don’t have to be a premium member to get paid on Skillshare. You’ll get paid on the 16th of every month. The only thing that sucks is they don’t tell you how much you’re earning because they have no idea how many premium members will join your classes, so when you do get paid, it’ll be a surprise payment via PayPal.

Every class that you do the month before reflects on how much you’ll get paid the next month and so on. Skillshare even holds a bunch of teacher promotions where you can win cash bonuses or massive giveaways such as a Macbook or Iphone 6.

Some teachers on Skillshare will hold their own promotions where you could win one year free of premium membership on Skillshare. As opposed to Udemy, which is another place where you can upload your instructional videos to teach others, Skillshare is easier to use in the sense that the whole class needs to be at least 10 mins long where as Udemy needs to be at least 30 mins of video or so. Once you publish a course on Skillshare it publishes right away and you don’t have to wait for it to be approved.

The more classes you publish on Skillshare then the more money you’ll make in the long run and your future self will thank you because you’ll be making passive income every month. You can use Camtasia to record your videos, I do believe they give you a free month to try it out. You can use the free month to record as many courses as you can and then buy a license when you get paid by Skillshare the following month.

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A few teachers have reported making upwards of $2,000+ per month with their Skillshare courses. Skillshare makes it easier for teachers to make a passive income per month and with the rise of even more members joining premium membership, it will help all new and existing teachers to turn a profit month after month.

Publishing a Skillshare course and hoping for students is not enough. In order for your course to be trending you must get at least 25 students in your class. They can be free members or premium members. Once you hit 25 members you’ll end up on the trending page of your category and over one million members of Skillshare will be able to enroll in your class.

Marketing tactics play a huge role in your success over at Skillshare. You must maintain student enrollments, reviews of your classes and class projects to keep a good ranking on Skillshare so more people will find your class. You can do cross promotions via your classes, Twitter marketing, YouTube marketing or give away free coupons to get the ball rolling. Once you join premium, you can find all of my classes under my name which will help you with traffic and other marketing methods to help you make more money online.