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So, you’re thinking of new ways to generate more income for your business, right?

You have your book done or have been wanting to write a book about your business/expertise or just as a hobby for some extra money but you dread having to find a good publisher who will market your book to their lists and take more than half of your royalties OR they make you pay beforehand, so you’re now out of money before you make any… (don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with publishers, if you’d rather have one then go for it!)

WELL, good news for you.

You don’t have to worry about getting a publishing deal or paying anyone upfront to get your physical copy of your book out there for everyone to see it.

Gone are the days having to find a publisher and now you can do it yourself with a site called Createspace.

CreateSpace is a DIY (Do It Yourself) publishing platform which is a sister site of Amazon.

They will distribute your book for you as well as publish and handle all shipping and handling for you while only taking a cut AFTER you sell a book and the rest is YOUR profit.

When you sign up for free, you will then need to put in your tax info and set up your payment info (direct deposit or checks) and then you can start submitting your finished books.

The platform is very easy, and they have a guided tour for you to go through every step of the way. Also, you can click on each link that says, ‘what is this?’ for more info on each little task you need to fill out.

Once you log in, you can click on ‘add new title’ and put in the name of your project and click on ‘paperback’ and hit ‘guided’ get started button.

On to the next page which will look like this:


Put in your book title then where is states the primary author, you can use a pen name/ghost name.

The pen name has to match the name of the author that’s written in your book of course.

You can have as many pen names as you like and no one will ever know it’s you, but all of your royalties will be paid to your one main account.

If you’re going to have more additions to your first book, then add the number 1 in edition number.

That’s all you need to fill out for this screen, so scroll down and hit save and continue.

The next screen is for an ISBN number because every published book needs to have one.

Good for you, though, you can get a free ISBN number from CreateSpace so then click on the first option and submit a free ISBN number.

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Next, you have the interior screen where you will pick between black and white or colored pages (for fonts and pictures) and white or cream colored pages. Then click on upload your book file. CreateSpace is very helpful as they let you download formatted templates to help you format your book for CreateSpace.

The one you’re probably going to use is the 6 x 9 formatted template.

You can get a formatted template by going here:

Usually, you wouldn’t want colored pages so you would pick black and white and most likely white pages to keep the costs down, but that is totally up to you.

You should have your book written out in either a doc or pdf file (using Microsoft Word or Open Office) as those are most commonly used, just find the manuscript from your hard-drive and upload it.

Go ahead and leave the ‘bleed’ option on default and hit ‘save.’

So, I know for sure you have the option to buy a physical copy of your book to check for errors or just to have a copy of your book, because you know it’s going to feel good holding it in your hands HAHA!!

BUT, you don’t need to, you can check for mistakes with the free previewer which will say launch interior reviewer. You can read through your book and check for any mistakes using that and change whatever you need to.

Simple stuff.

Next is designing your book cover unless you already have one designed. If you don’t, you can get a professional book cover made at Fiverr for really cheap, but if you’re like me and want to do things yourself then you can make a free cover inside of CreateSpace using one of their templates.

They give you the option to choose a matte or glossy finish. (They even ask you a dozen times!) Unless you want fewer royalties then it would be in your best interest to choose glossy. Then click on build your cover online.

They give you five pages of free designs to use, and it will look like this:


You can think of these design templates as a starting point for the cover because you can change just about everything to make your cover unique and exactly the way you want it to look.

After you pick a template, you’ll be on this next screen to fill in all of your book info that will be on the cover.

You have the option of choosing a different image from their database of free photos and you can disable some of the text so it won’t show up. So, if you don’t want to add an author bio or an author picture you don’t have to have it show up there, because if you’re using a pen name like I usually do then you’re not going to want to put that info there.

The list of things you need to do on this page are pretty self-explanatory and they guide you through the entire process. Here’s where you should be:


Just go through each task until it’s all complete. You will know when they’re all complete once you get the green circle at the end of each task.

After your cover is approved and they start reviewing your book to make sure everything looks good you’ll be heading over to the ‘sales and marketing’ screen where you can check off the places that you want CreateSpace to distribute your book.

I believe you have six options, which are three Amazon options and three bookstores and/libraries = lots of free distribution. The last option of distribution will require you to have a BISAC code, all you have to do is click on the link there in that option to receive a free BISAC code then go back and get the free distribution from the last option.

You will also need to choose the best category that your book falls into.

You can price your book now and calculate the royalties by going here:

Royalty Calculator and check out more info on how royalties are distributed.

Some books are priced at $9.97, and you still get a nice 35% – 40% royalty per sale.

That is pretty much all to it for publishing your physical books on CreateSpace.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions and I’ll answer them the best I can.

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